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Help/FAQs:Opt-Out Policy
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Opt-Out Statement Policy

It is a condition of use of the WEL services that an Opt-Out statement such as " If you do not wish to receive future fax communications from the sender of this fax document please contact the sender by the fax, phone or email address provided in this documentation" appears clearly within the first page of your broadcast document.

As a Registered User of the WEL service you must give the recipients of any fax broadcast the ability to Opt-Out from receiving further fax communications from your organization.

It is a further condition that if a recipient asked to be removed from the fax list selected by the Registered User, that the Registered User informs WEL ASAP so such action can be taken to block their contact information in accordance with the privacy provisions of the Privacy ACT 1988 act no.119 of 1988 as amended.

A list of recipients that have requested Opt-Out for future broadcasts will be maintained and washed against Registered Users' future list selections to ensure recipients do not receive faxes from those Registered Users.

If a Registered User does not comply with the Opt-Out provisions contained they will be subject to the Privacy ACT 1988 act no.119 of 1988 as amended. and will also be restricted from future fax broadcast services provided by WEL.