Texting while driving! Are you at risk?

Texting while driving: Are you at risk?

 Are you aware of the risk?

Texting and reading texts while driving is a growing trend, and a national epidemic, quickly becoming one of the country’s top killers. Drivers should not assume that they can handle texting while driving and remain safe. The risk of crashing when using a mobile phone increases four-fold, while the risk of driver death is between 4-9 times higher than when not using a phone.  Young drivers are also more likely to be severely injured in a crash when distracted by a mobile telephone

Is it illegal to use your mobile phone while driving?

Within Australia and most countries,  it is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving unless you can do so via hands free. The fine for using a mobile phone while driving is four hundred dollars and three demerit points. Do you have a spare four hundred to pay for reading a text or sending a text?

Is there a solution to reading a text while driving?

Rest assured we have a solution. Text to speech is a great way to send a text to your clients, friends or family members while they are driving. No distractions while they are driving as they can answer the phone via hands free to hear their text message. It can also help you (as the driver) by setting scheduling your messages before you start driving, and they will be sent at a time you specify.

Need to contact one of your employees urgently, don’t want them to receive a fine or have a car accident in the company car?

With text to speech you will not have a problem with fines or distracting your employee while they are driving. It is a fast, reliable and inexpensive.

What is Text to Speech?

You submit a written text message and we pass it through our speech engine and then it turns it into a voice file. Then we call the number and play the message. Think of it as a “talking sms”.

Is Text to Speech expensive?


Text to speech is a low costs alternative; only 14 cents for a minute to a mobile phone or 8 cents to a landline. You can have an account set up at no cost; you will only be invoiced for messages that have been successfully sent.

How does Text to Speech work?

Easy to use! Our system can either play pre-recorded messages or read text-to-speech messages, both of which work well for different situations. Set a day and time for your message to be sent.

You want to send the same message to more than one person?

Our control panel lets you broadcast your voice message instantly to hundreds of people all at once, 24/7, putting you in full control of your schedule. Timing is everything, after all.  Or, you can just send us an email with the message and destination numbers, and your messages will be on their way!

Do you want to be responsible for your family member, friend or client to be statistic by reading your text message while they are driving?

Give our Text to Speech a try so the people you text will be safe.

Want to save postage costs?

Aussie Post just announced increase in postage rates!

Are you looking for ways to save costs in your business?

With the Australian Post increasing their postage rates have you thought of sending invoices and statements via fax?

When using postal services your invoice and statements will eventually make it to your clients but does it happen instantly?

With Fax broadcasting your invoices and statements will arrive instantly and you will receive a report that it was sent.

If the clients fax number has changed and was not delivered this information will be on your report and you will not be charged.

Ever had mail go missing?

Rest assured with fax broadcasting it cannot go missing; it is delivered in hard copy to the business fax. You will never hear the words again “Oh I never received it”!

Do you agree with me it takes valuable staff time to fill envelopes with invoice/statements, having to rush to the post office before 5.00pm to make the deadline before the post office shuts?

By Faxing your invoices and statements it will not take you as long to upload your statement or invoice and press send – yes it is as easy as that!

If you wish you can schedule a time and day for it to be sent.

Would you prefer your invoices being paid quicker?

This can happen when sending via fax as there a no postal delays, and your clients will receive their invoice as soon as you press send.

And finally does saving money make sense?

Saving money for any business is a priority; fax broadcasting is a ¼ of the cost of paying for postage. Plus you save the cost of printing the invoices. At the same time, you can help the environment by not using as much paper in your office.

Why don’t you try our fax broadcasting for your next invoice and statement run? You will never go back to paying for postage again!