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Help/FAQs:Text to Speech and IVR Messaging Solutions
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Text to Speech and
IVR Messaging Solutions

Text to Speech and IVR Messaging Solutions

WEL delivers Text to Speech and IVR solutions for essential business processes. Remember...

Data that resides in ERP, CRM or any business application can be accessed and shared through voice-enabled workflow and push button menus (based on IVR technology).

Call centers are transformed into multimedia contact centers through call management solutions (based on CTI, IVR and Unified Communication technologies).

Voice Broadcast

It is possible to have text read out to hundreds of telephones simultaneously - and is one of the fastst ways ouf getting a message delivered to people 24hours a day. WEL's voice broadcasting allows either pre-recorded voice files or text (via text-to-speech) to be read to cell and fixed telephones. Delivery confirmation can be achieved in a number of ways and you can even write your own scripts. The possibilities are endless. One customer has integrated voice-broadcasting services with an SAP database so that delinquent payment reminders no longer needed to be mailed. Now a friendly voice reminder is broadcasted in the place of two letters, cutting costs and improving workflow.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

WEL's platforms house all the tools a company needs to create enterprise Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications. IVR applications are integrated with Unified Messaging, Enterprise Fax and business-critical applications like SAP and IBM mainframes

IVR offers cell phone users remote access to critical information that resides in applications and databases within an organization. Employees, customers, dealers, vendors and colleagues have 24-hour access to information that would otherwise be lost in difficult to use applications. With IVR, users can dial in to a designated telephone number and follow the easy-to-use voice prompts. Actions like forwarding onto fax or wireless devices is made possible through touch tone interaction with customized IVR applications.

WEL's IVR applications also allow a company to make any CRM, ERP or business application a resource for quick and easy remote information retrieval. Documents and records such as purchase orders, invoices, customer records, employee schedules, product documentation and inventory reports can be made available through Link Software.

  • Custom voice prompts and scripting
  • Link to any application or database
  • Single access number, multiple delivery methods
  • Single point of management and administration
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Combine IVR with other services such as FAX, SMS, Document Delivery
Collect Information & e-detailing

The system is able to store a very wide variety of information from callers/recipients such as survey data, customer preferences and in fact any details required by your voice broadcast. This allows data to be recorded and gathered completely automatically and at a fraction of the cost of normal telephone information gathering. You can also gather this information before routing to a call center agent or consultant.

  • Easy-to-use client access
  • Variable voice prompts integrated with standard voice templates
  • Pre-configured user specific categories
  • Custom voice prompts and scripting
  • Link to any application or database
  • Single point of management and administration
  • Fault Tolerance

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