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Help/FAQs:SMS Wizard
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WEL SMS Wizard

The WEL SMS Wizard guides you to:

    1. Select your broadcast method
    2. Select your list
    3. Name your broadcast
    4. Cut and paste, or type your text into the message box (there is a 460 character limit)
    5. Submit it. You may send broadcasts immediately or schedule them to go at a future date.
    6. A job number will be allocated to your broadcast.

  • Broadcast your SMS out to Recipients and receive their Responses
  • Responses are immediately sent to Your E-mail address and to a Response Summary Log
  • The Time to Respond can be set by You (1 hour to 24 hours)
  • All Responses (and those that didn't respond) can be viewed at any time
WEL SMS Long Way
  • Broadcast your SMS out to Recipients with up to 460 ONE Message!
Delivery Status

SMS broadcasts are sent to the carrier for delivery. Standard SMS broadcast reports refer to messages successfully sent to the carrier for delivery and not successful delivery to the recipient cell phone.