WEL Corp’s MULTI-MODE messaging services include delivery of messages by Fax, E-mail, SMS and “Voice”.

WEL Corp’s software has been combined with all the necessary “components” from our Partners and Suppliers thereby providing customers with easy access to the most complete and modern mass communications services available from any device with a web browser without having to install any hardware, software or telecommunications lines.

WEL Corp’s Partners and Suppliers include:


KoFax is the Supplier of the massive Fax and Voice messaging platform equipment: Kofax Communication Server (KCS). It is highly robust and designed for high up-time services as required for ‘mission critical’ service delivery. WEL Corp’s KCS Platform is fully maintained 24 x 7 by KoFax and is hosted in a Secure Data Center with full Back-up and Redundancy to ensure timely distribution of messages.


Vocus is WEL Corp’s global telecommunications network is provider. WEL houses it’s platforms in Vocus data centre, and delivers Fax and Voice messages to all countries throughout the world. A 20mbps burst-able internet port allows high volume Email messages and internet traffic.


Dialogue is WEL Corp’s preferred provided for SMS messaging. Established in 1994, Dialague connects to mobile operators across the globe. WEL chose Dialogue due to the high reliability of the network, 24 hour support and “business quality” messaging with extensive reporting on delivery of messages.

WEL Corp’s technology, re-branding, online live reporting and billing modules can be made available remotely to any location of the World because of its strong relationships with Partner Suppliers, readily available telecommunication circuits and the availability and accessibility of the internet.

There’s no other COMPLETE BROADCAST MESSAGING SERVICE this powerful in the market today!